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Silverline Drilling provides a complete range of solutions to assist in the managing, exploration or development program and work with your leadership team to maintain the aspects of the entire process and enhance the outcome. 

With our extensive industry knowledge, our secure network and our unique vision, we are always able to fulfill the ultimate goal.


Our expert consultants provide Project Management solutions  on project planning, comprehensive schedule development, cost estimations, risk analysis, measurement, monitoring & control, and implementing project top quality to address all phases of the project’s life cycle.


Silverline Drilling specializes in the provision of world-class engineering and project management services focused on the oil and gas industry.

Our experience allows us to provide balanced oil and gas services to our clients. 

 We partner with hardware and service providers and them into our project planning and execution.Our full services team consists of procurement services integrated with our engineering team to ensure effective requirements documentation and specification control.

Silverline Drilling Engineering team promotes a systems-level view of engineering matters. Taking a more comprehensive view of the interactions and intricacies of the system as a whole allows us to establish an optimized solution that crosses different disciplines and limits. This takes workers with a broad knowledge of production systems and the challenges included in designing, constructing, commissioning and operating them


Basin Studies

We offer you years of industry experience paired with a variety of proprietary workflows to develop integrated solutions to assist in basin analyses A high-level basin analysis can help to identify play fairways as well as surface and subsurface hazards, which are useful in targeting potential areas for investment.

Reservoir and source rock characterization

The preparation and analysis of seismic data is a crucial part of the exploration process. By examining and comparing calibrated seismic responses at well locations to those found away from the wells, rock property and fluid characteristics can be determined throughout a field.

We leverage our innovative cementing and liner systems to build life-of-well integrity that sustains years of healthy production.We are aware that having a great product isn’t sufficient– you also need excellent service. Our technical expertise covers a wide range of services, both in the shop and in the field.

Ultimately, Silverline Drilling offers solutions to problems. It underlies every element of our company.

Reliable and Lasting Solutions

We have the desire and flexibility to respond react to unique opportunities in the industry or client specific needs. We are truthful, upfront and we will deliver on our commitment.

A Trusted Partner

From narrow pore-pressure unconventional wells to easy flow solutions, we offer careful planning, expert engineering, and exclusive drilling technologies that help you to maximize reservoir exposure safely

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